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Even more premiere pictures, Empire Interview, Exclusive Photos
A few more pictures from the Paris and London Premieres have been added to our photo gallery, thanks to shootastic. Some of them are HQ versions of the previous pictures.


I have also found on the web 2 new videos of the Paris Premiere, and a wonderful HD interview of Skandar with William from Empire. Here are the links to watch the videos:

-> French Premiere #1
-> French Premiere #2
-> Empire Interview with Skandar & William

In the Empire interview, they talk about how their characters have changed, the action and stunts they have done and the fact they won't be all together on the next movie. Of course, 36 screencaps from this interview were added to our photo gallery.


Finally, on Skandar Keynes's official website, I found 3 unseen pictures. One features Skandar practicing sword-fighting in New Zealand with his Stunt Coordinator Allan Poppleton. One is a still from Prince Caspian movie. On the last one, we can see Skandar's two cats Miss 'Peri' Puss and Mr 'Fil' Boots. They are really adorable! You will find them at the gallery. Stay tuned for more news and enjoy summer time!


26 Jun 2008 by Michael | Comments (0)

Popcorn interview, magazine scans, more videos
First of all, Popcorn Magazine have published a new exciting interview with Skandar and William on their site! The article also includes an untagged image from the new photoshoot which is in the gallery. Take a look at this quote:

«  Skandar, you’ve said you’re an atheist. The first film did have some strong Christian symbolism…
…so was that ever a problem for you? And when you read the books as a child did you even notice all that or did it all go over your head?
SKANDAR: When I was a child, when I first read it, it completely went over my head. That’s what I think is so great about C S Lewis’s writing is that while it does have these messages that, you know, I have no problem with at all, it is a very sort of ‘take it or leave it’ attitude that he’s taken. And I think that’s what we tried to do with the first film. And what we try to do all the way with these films. This film did very well in Muslim countries so it proves that that aspect isn’t vital, and isn’t a completely integral part of the film. And it meant that to me, as you said there, with other beliefs, I don’t have a problem making this film in any way, shape or form.  »
Read the full article (divided on 3 different pages) HERE ...

I’ve also added 2 scans from Kawanku magazine featuring Skandar Keynes (thanks to skandar.net).


As for the videos, I found a few new interesting clips on the web:

-> Good close-ups footage from the London premiere
-> New Interview with Skandar and William Moseley

Finally, thanks to skandar.net, I’ve added to my YouTube some short clips and screencaps from Skandar’s first acting role in a documentary called Victoria Died in 1901 and Is Still Alive Today which aired on the BBC in 2001.


25 Jun 2008 by Michael | Comments (1)

New Fan Address, Skandar's official website
We have officially been informed that Skandar Keynes now has a US agency address at which you can contact him. He is now represented in the US by Brian Swardstrom at Endeavor. See the updated contact page for the address. Skandar will be able to reply to you faster if you live in America and use this fan address.

I have also found updated information and interviews, along with unseen pictures on Skandar's official website. 13 new pictures from his past movies and personal life were added to the gallery.



We learn, for example, that Skandar is learning French at school and one day will go back to Lebanon to learn Arabic, is teaching himself the guitar and the piano and likes Bob Dylan's music. He also clearly states that he is thinking of studying medecine but that it doesn't mean he can't carry on acting if he is offered any suitable parts.

It is finally written that he hasn't played video games in a long time since his Xbox broke, but otherwise he likes multiplayer games. Heads up to his personal website here for more interviews and exclusive information...

24 Jun 2008 by Michael | Comments (0)

More HQs from premieres, Magazine scans
Thanks to ThePhotobox, new HQ pictures from various premieres have been added to our photo gallery.

- 6 fan pictures from the Paris premiere
- 3 HQ pictures from the Prague press conference
- 19 HQ pictures from the London premiere



We also have new magazine scans. I have added scans from MovieMagic, Kewl magazine and an exclusive HQ photoshoot from the Japanese magazine Roadshow (thanks to Ben Barnes Online).


24 Jun 2008 by Michael | Comments (2)

Prince Caspian Premiere in Paris
The French premiere of Prince Caspian was held at Disneyland in Paris on June 20th, and some pictures are in the gallery. It was an extremely beautiful and colourful event, and the cast seemed happy.



-> Video from the Paris Premiere
The Cast members arrive in cars, then parade in front of the cheerful fans from France.

EDIT: 21 new pictures from the premiere were recently added to the gallery.

23 Jun 2008 by Michael | Comments (2)

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