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Prince Caspian UK Premiere
The United Kingdom Premiere of Prince Caspian was held at the O2 Arena in London on June 19th. Pictures are in the gallery including some HQs. A big thanks to skandar.net for some of them.



According to CBBC Newsround, Skandar's mum was constantly taking photos of him being interviewed on the red carpet at the London premiere!

Also, be sure to watch those great videos featuring the major event:

-> Skandar Keynes Interviewed at 02 Premiere
Skandar is asked about the rivalry between Will and Ben, on the red carpet at the London Premiere.

-> Prince Caspian Cast acclaimed at the London Premiere
The cast of Prince Caspian giving interviews before the UK premiere showing in London's O2 arena.

-> Skandar Keynes - Another 02 PC Premiere interview
Skandar talks about the major changes in the production of this new epic Narnia movie.

-> Skandar Keynes - More 02 Premiere coverage
Presentation of the event & Skandar shows he's pleased he got a chance to do some more action scenes.

23 Jun 2008 by Michael | Comments (0)

Prince Caspian Press Conference & Premiere in Prague
Skandar recently attended the press conference and premiere of Narnia in Prague. I have added a few pictures from these two events to the gallery, and thanks to thephotobox for the HQ versions.

The Premiere:


The Press Conference:


While attending the Prague premiere of Prince Caspian, Skandar was also interviewed with his co-star Anna Popplewell. You can watch the video on YouTube here.

23 Jun 2008 by Michael | Comments (1)

New Host, Skandar’s official site redesign in the works
I'm really sorry for not updating so much during the past two weeks, but I had tons of exams to do. However, I was rewarded for my hard work: my college awarded me a special prize for being the best student (grades and involvement). For me, excellence is not only important on the web, but also at school and in social life. This is why I would greatly appreciate if some visitors have more respect for me and my work on this site. Thank you!

Besides, I finally changed host and we are now hosted by The Fan Sites Network, this is why there is now a small publicity banner on the top of every page of the site. Expect new updates very soon with layouts, exclusive sections and many other surprises, as I'm now in vacation.

Finally, I don't know if you noticed but Skandar Keynes's official site is currently doing a re-design! It’s actually just a temporary page, but if you go to the site you can sign up to the mailing list to be informed about updates. His agent also contacted me to say that Skandar personally linked our fansite on his official page. Look at it here, at the bottom of page.

20 Jun 2008 by Michael | Comments (2)

«The Other Kids of Narnia» Interview & Magazine Scans
There is a new interview with Skandar Keynes named «The Other Kids of Narnia» that was published on Philippine Star. Skandar explains how Narnia changed his life, discusses the resemblances with his character and indicates how he succeeded to divide his time between school and work. We even learn interesting things about his personal life. Be sure to read it here!

"It’s difficult sometimes but I manage. I spend three hours in school every day. I’m taking Math, History, Biology and Chemistry and, yes, it’s fun."

"Away from work, I hang out with friends. I play the guitar and the piano, and I play football. And I watch a lot of DVDs which I keep in big boxes."

I also uploaded two new scans from the Galaxie Magazine featuring Skandar and his co-stars.


P.S. Sorry if the photo gallery is offline most of the time, but as I said before, I am currently changing host and transferring files. I apologize for all the inconveniences. Thanks for visiting!

29 May 2008 by Michael | Comments (20)

ITV News Video & Promotional Pics
I have managed to upload a copy of the previous ITV News video interview with Skandar Keynes on my YouTube, so those who haven't seen it yet will be able to. However, it is really long to load because the video is huge. It took me so long to extract it, anyways you can watch it here or below.

Moreover, I found 2 new shots of Skandar from Prince Caspian on a New Zealand promotional site. Thanks to Syifa, we also have a scan from the Galaxie Magazine which features bigger pictures of Skandar from the new photoshoot. Enjoy !


26 May 2008 by Michael | Comments (27)

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