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Gorgeous photoshoot!
We now have the next part of the Skandar photoshoot that was posted recently. Unfortunately the pictures are tagged, but Skandar looks great on them! Searching for hi-quality versions.



26 May 2008 by Michael | Comments (33)

ITV News Appearance & new promotional pictures
Skandar was interviewed on the ITV London Local News. He talks about the creation of the movie and the evolution of Edmund’s character, and how he is managing to take his GCSE exams (he had Physics that same morning). The reporter also mentioned that he Googled Skandar and found his fansites, so he probably visited our website.

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to take the video to put it here. If anyone is able to do this so it can go on our YouTube then please let us know. Screencaps are in the gallery.


Besides, thanks to ThePhotobox, we also have some new promotional pictures of Skandar Keynes as Edmund Pevensie.


26 May 2008 by Michael | Comments (13)

The Star Article
The Star has posted an interview with the cast in which Skandar talks about his career hopes after Narnia. It seems he really wishes to become a doctor.

“Of the four, Moseley seems to be the only one certain that he wants a career in acting while both Popplewell and Henley aren’t quite sure what they will do.

Keynes, on the other hand, wants to be a doctor. It is unclear though whether he is influenced by his family or by his favourite TV programmes.

“My guilty pleasure is Grey’s Anatomy …. and Sex and the City and Project Runway. No it’s great … the medical part of Grey’s Anatomy … and it’s really fun!” laughs Keynes.

Moseley steps in and points out that Keynes is the great-great-great grandson of biologist Charles Darwin. Keynes is also the great-great nephew of the economist John Maynard Keynes and the nephew of the historian and Cambridge professor Simon Keynes. A family of scholars which, admits the actor, makes for very serious and uninteresting dinner conversations.

“My family… well they are all about Science … and Darwin. I remember one of our family dinners…. it was my grandfather’s 90th birthday and we were all having dinner. I got my food and as I sat down I heard my uncles all get together and one of them said, ‘So, what are we going to do about these new taps?’ And they had this long conversation about taps! That was literally the story.”

You can read the full article here.

26 May 2008 by Michael | Comments (24)

Changing Host, Extended PC Trailer
I apologize for the site being suspended for 3 days, but I had a few problems with my host (again) because there were too much visitors and it was overloading the server. So, I decided to change host and it will be done in the following days. Please don’t panic if the site is down for a few more hours.

As for the news, a new super trailer for Prince Caspian is on our YouTube. It includes never-before-released footage and it's four minutes long:

26 May 2008 by Michael | Comments (1)

Video Updates
Some new video interviews featuring Skandar Keynes have appeared on the web. Make sure to watch them and check back soon for further news...

New Interview with Anna Popplewell
Skandar discusses the various stunts he had to train for in The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian.

- Skandar at the World Premiere
Skandar talks to the owners of various Narnia fansites about his acting experience in the movie.

- Reels Channel short interview
Skandar is asked how he will cope without his co-star Anna Popplewell on the next film.

18 May 2008 by Michael | Comments (18)

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