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Even more HQs, MovieWeb Interview
First of all, thanks to skandar.net, 48 new HQ images from the New York Premiere have been added to the photo gallery.


MovieWeb have also posted new interviews with the cast. You can view Skandar’s in which he talks about his action scenes in the movie here. Screencaps are of course in the gallery.


11 May 2008 by Michael | Comments (14)

And the Videos are in...with screencaps
There are a bunch of video clips popping up lately, including those from the New York premiere, more Narnia clips, and lots of other interviews Skandar has been doing for press!

Talking Pictures Interview Skandar & Anna - Skandar speaks about differences between "The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe" and "Prince Caspian". (screencaps here)

Access Hollywood at the Prince Caspian Premiere - Skandar speaks about his first impression of the film and his relation with the cast. He seems pleased of his experience. (screencaps here)

ET at the Prince Caspian Premiere - Skandar speaks about his first impression of the film and the wonderful adventure he has had so far. (screencaps here)

Cinema Judge goes Behind the Scenes - Filming fight scenes, meeting Caspian, Trumpkin and much more in this long and complete documentary. (screencaps here)

-> Prince Caspian clips & production featurette @ IESB.net - Various clips and behind the scenes videos featuring Skandar. (screencaps soon)

Besides, the UK Prince Caspian Premiere will take place on June 19 at the O2 in London, and the press release also states that Skandar will be present. Disney is publicising the event as “England’s biggest film premiere,” and about 10,000 people (including the cast) are expected to attend. You can read the full story here and order tickets from the O2 site.

10 May 2008 by Michael | Comments (6)

The Prince Caspian New York Premiere
Sorry for the lack of updates, but as I said before I have a personal life outside of the fansite and I go to school. You don't know how much it takes time to find pictures, resize, order, upload, sort them, etc. Thanks to all the wonderful fans who help me!

Anyways, Skandar Keynes finally attended the New York premiere of Prince Caspian! Lots of pictures have been added to the gallery so far and some of them are even HQ, so you can use them for your graphics. Thanks to skandar.net for some of them. Besides, you have probably already realized how much different Skandar looks now. What's about his outfit at the premiere, do you like it?


-> 115 pictures of the "Prince Caspian" New York Premiere here
-> 28 pictures of the "Prince Caspian" New York Premiere - High Quality here
A video of Skandar being interviewed by ET Online at the premiere is also up on Youtube:

10 May 2008 by Michael | Comments (3)

New TV Videos, Stills & old pictures
I have lots of pictures and videos for you fans, as Prince Caspian is coming in a few days. First of all, NarniaWeb has posted three new videos including Disney’s ‘Weekend in Narnia’ and an ABC behind-the-scenes video introduced by Georgie and Skandar. You can watch these videos by clicking here. And check our gallery for screencaps of the interviews!


In second place, thanks to ThePhotobox, we have 7 new HQ stills from the movie. Take a look at them at the photo gallery. Some of them are really gorgeous and exclusive.


Finally, lots of new (old) images of Skandar at the ‘Ferrari’ premiere from back in 2005 have been added to the gallery. They come from StarPix.at, thanks to the fans for the heads-up.


06 May 2008 by Michael | Comments (16)

New disney.com Clip, Interactive Narnia Map
Sorry for not updating as quickly as usual, but I am presently really busy with school exams. The movie is coming so soon in the US, only 11 days remaining! Disney.com has posted a new clip from Prince Caspian which features new shots of the Pevensies and a couple of new lines from Skandar. Screencaps are in the gallery and you can watch this great video HERE.


The official ''Prince Caspian'' MySpace has added a new Interactive Map where you can explore Narnia. It includes some new promotional stills of the movie which I have added to the gallery. Enjoy and thanks so much for visiting, it means a lot for me.


04 May 2008 by Michael | Comments (16)

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