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Welcome to Skandar Keynes Fan, the largest and most up-to-date fansite on the internet dedicated to talented British actor Skandar Keynes. Here you will find hundreds of pictures, loads of information on Skandar and his movies, as well as fun stuff and projects for you; Skandar fans. If you have any suggestions, questions or contributions, feel free to e-mail us.

Latest News & Updates

Prince Caspian TV Spot #7 and Promos
Another Prince Caspian TV spot is now online. The video has a lot of footage that we’ve seen before but we can clearly hear Edmund (Skandar Keynes) asking Peter "Where do you suppose we are?" You can view the new video HERE at YouTube!

I have also found on Kids AOL 6 really tiny pictures featuring Skandar in various scenes of Prince Caspian. You will find them all at the photo gallery.


14 Apr 2008 by Michael | Comments (0)

New Still & Narnia Group Photos

Head over to our gallery for a new promotional still of Prince Caspian! Thanks to Andie from Moviefone for the heads-up. Skandar looks great on the picture doesn't he? Moreover, Narnia Group page updated to include a trivia game and dozens of new pictures of Skandar Keynes! Check them all at the photo gallery.

Finally, I have also updated the interaction section with all your entries.


12 Apr 2008 by Michael | Comments (0)

More Scans of the Official Companion
I’ve managed to get my hands on the Prince Caspian Official Companion! I took several scans from it which have been uploaded to the gallery. Please credit if you plan using them! I still have a lot of pages to read, but so far I’ve read Skandar Keynes’s part.

In this wonderful article, he talks a lot about the daredeviling stunts he did in the film, but also about his new personal passion for music, especially guitar. I will try to post a transcript of it as soon as possible, so those how don't have the book yet will be able to read it.


10 Apr 2008 by Michael | Comments (0)

More PC Promo and Behind the Scenes!
There's a new "Prince Caspian" clip over at Movie Surfer's webpage with lots of never before seen footage. You can watch it at our YouTube HERE. Skandar even delivers so well some dry lines with his new voice. Screencaptures of the video have been added to the gallery as well:


Besides, we have heard that Skandar Keynes will be present at the world premiere of Prince Caspian which will be held on May 7th at 7:00 PM at the Ziegfeld Theatre in New York City. Stay tuned for more exciting news.

08 Apr 2008 by Michael | Comments (2)

New Gorgeous Scans
Thanks to our elite affiliate Absolutely Anna, we have new hi-quality scans of the "Prince Caspian: The Official Illustrated Movie Companion" book. A huge thanks also to Rebecca, a dedicated Skandar fan, for 5 new awesome scans of Skandar as Edmund. You absolutely have to take a look at them, they are gorgeous! However, beware of major spoilers...


05 Apr 2008 by Michael | Comments (2)

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