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Welcome to Skandar Keynes Fan, the largest and most up-to-date fansite on the internet dedicated to talented British actor Skandar Keynes. Here you will find hundreds of pictures, loads of information on Skandar and his movies, as well as fun stuff and projects for you; Skandar fans. If you have any suggestions, questions or contributions, feel free to e-mail us.

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Prince Caspian: The Official Illustrated Movie Companion
Thanks to various bookstores, we have already some scans of the "Prince Caspian: The Official Illustrated Movie Companion" book and of  Tie-In books also. They are not very good quality but it does include some new pictures of Skandar! Hopefully more scans will be available soon.


Besides, AintItCoolNews was invited to London and had the opportunity to view 45 minutes of Prince Caspian footage. They liked Skandar's acting because in their review they said: « Of the kids, our favorite was Edmund (played by Skandar Keynes). We thought he was the best part of the first film as well. He has a natural quiet manner that most of the others don’t have.» Cool to hear!

04 Apr 2008 by Michael | Comments (0)

Adventures in Narnia New Video
Thanks to NarniaWeb we can now watch the Adventures in Narnia 3 video! This short trailer presents the new characters in Prince Caspian and there are a few new shots of Skandar, including him talking to Trumpkin.

We also have 4 low-quality screencaps from this short video in the photo gallery:


03 Apr 2008 by Michael | Comments (0)

Movie Companion Book & Pictures
First of all, thank you so much for your wonderful comments on the website layout. I'm happy you like it! In second place, according to NarniaWeb the "Prince Caspian: The Official Illustrated Movie Companion" is now available in the local bookstores!

There's also a chapter called « The Cast - Family Reunion » which Skandar talks about all of the daredevilish things he did during the shoot (like bungee-jumping off of the world's third-highest bridge) and also his newly developed love of playing the guitar and music in general. All of the Skandar fangirls will also be pleased to know that this hilarious section contains a lot of very handsome pictures of him. Scans will be posted as soon as possible...

Don't forget to take a look at our PHOTO GALLERY, there are a few new low-quality screencaps of various Prince Caspian featurettes:


02 Apr 2008 by Michael | Comments (0)

New Website Layout!
As you can see, I designed a new layout for the website before the release of the movie. I used one of the new Prince Caspian promotional images and various old pictures. I hope you like it and if you see any errors, feel free to contact me.

I'm also currently working on a new graphics section for the website named Charismatic. Finally, expect a new fan project soon, probably a fan letter or a written interview that will be sent to Skandar after the release of Prince Caspian. Come to discuss and give your opinion in the FORUM.

30 Mar 2008 by Michael | Comments (0)

Prince Caspian Pictures & Video
A new Prince Caspian trailer has been shown on the Disney Channel which features some new shots of the Pevensies. A low quality version has been posted on our Youtube which you can view below:

Don't forget also to take a look at the PHOTO GALLERY daily, because many pictures are added every day. In addition, we are currently working on a new version for the website, therefore some updates like potm/sotm will be on standby for a moment.

24 Mar 2008 by Michael | Comments (0)

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