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Welcome to Skandar Keynes Fan, the largest and most up-to-date fansite on the internet dedicated to talented British actor Skandar Keynes. Here you will find hundreds of pictures, loads of information on Skandar and his movies, as well as fun stuff and projects for you; Skandar fans. If you have any suggestions, questions or contributions, feel free to e-mail us.

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Interview with Skandar on the set of Prince Caspian
A whole team of Narnia and other film site journalists got the chance to interview Skandar Keynes on the set of ''Prince Caspian'' in Prague. Please read their exciting article in the media section, or by clicking HERE. It's cool to hear some news about Skandar!

21 Oct 2007 by Michael | Comments (0)

Information on Edmund's costume
NarniaWeb's new Prince Caspian set report revealed some interesting information on Skandar Keynes's costume in the next Narnia movie. « Peter's and Edmund's (Skandar Keynes) armor looked just like their armor in the first film. The only differences I could see were that the red appeared to be slightly darker, and Edmund's tunic was straight all the way around, rather than the inverted-V shape in the first film. Edmund also didn't have any chain mail on his legs. » According to their descriptions, the costumes seem already beautiful!

By the way, we are October site of the month at EV ONLINE! Thanks a lot, it means so much for us. Take a look at the wonderful award they made us HERE.

01 Oct 2007 by Michael | Comments (0)

Narnia 3: Pushed Back a Year
In consideration of the challenging schedules for the young actors, uncluding Skandar Keynes, Walt Disney Pictures and Walden Media have chosen to delay the start of production for «The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader» until summer 2008. The release date is also pushed back from May 1, 2009 to May 7, 2010.

22 Sep 2007 by Michael | Comments (0)

Prince Caspian poster & set pictures
A high-quality poster for ''Prince Caspian'', coming in theaters on May 16th 2008, has been released today. It is mostly a picture of Ben Barnes, but you can also see Skandar Keynes in the background! Thanks to our dedicated fans, 2 small pictures of Skandar filming Prince Caspian have also been added to our gallery.


18 Sep 2007 by Michael | Comments (0)

Other LWW rare pictures
As we know you guys like exclusive and rare pictures of Skandar, we have some more of them for you! These ones were taken two years ago. The first one is a picture of Skandar with William doing an interview for the Disney Movie Surfers. The second one is a picture of Skandar with his co-stars at the Narnia attraction that is at Disney's MGM Studios. A big thanks to Narnia Fan for the tip.


18 Sep 2007 by Michael | Comments (2)

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