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Welcome to Skandar Keynes Fan, the largest and most up-to-date fansite on the internet dedicated to talented British actor Skandar Keynes. Here you will find hundreds of pictures, loads of information on Skandar and his movies, as well as fun stuff and projects for you; Skandar fans. If you have any suggestions, questions or contributions, feel free to e-mail us.

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Happy birthday Skandar
Another year goes by so fast and it's already Skandar's big 16th birthday. We all wish Skandar the best of luck and a wonderful birthday with his family and friends! By the way, you can use the comments section to wish Skandar a great birthday.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SKANDAR!!! - from skandarfan.com staff and fans

05 Sep 2007 by Michael | Comments (0)

It's September!
It's already September and we have a new PICTURE OF THE MONTH for you from the Empire Awards. Don't forget to comment it at the photo gallery. We also have a new featured site of the month for September. Congrats to CateBlanchett.net ! Be sure to visit this wonderful fansite about the famous actress who played in ''The Lord of the Rings'', ''Babel'', ''Note On A Scandal'' and other great movies. Take a look at the award I made for this website HERE.

03 Sep 2007 by Michael | Comments (0)

Rare picture & exclusive information!
Thanks to Ana, our very own forum moderator, I have stumbled upon a rare picture of Skandar from a school event named ''The Sponsored Walk'' he attended in 2005. He looks great!

We also have some old, but very interesting, information for you from Skandar's school newsletter. First of all, we learned that Skandar had won the 1500-meter competition organized by his school for the third year sports day in June 2006. He finished this long race with the best time of his category: 5 minutes, 45 seconds & 32 milliseconds. It shows how athletic he is.

Finally, we discovered a great article written by Skandar Keynes himself about his perception of London city. He was awarded commendation at the London Metropolitan Archives Award Ceremony for this article. You can read it HERE.

26 Aug 2007 by Michael | Comments (0)

Skandar birthday project images
Today, the entire birthday project (special book and CD) was sent to Skandar by air mail. It should arrive in London exactly for Skandar's birthday, on the 5th September. The project is now totally closed for application. Thanks to all those who participated.

Thanks to fans, we have received more than 65 submissions. This includes great song suggestions and lots of birthday messages, pictures, articles, fanart and so much more. You can take a look at some great pictures of the birthday project at the PHOTO GALLERY.


Of course, you can give us an idea for the upcoming fan project at the FORUMS. We will be back soon with a new «site of the month» and «picture of the month» for September.

26 Aug 2007 by Michael | Comments (0)

Little changes
As you can see, I made some changes to the entire website. I wanted the site to have only one layout for an easier navigation. I tried to preserve the maximum of pages, but some were unfortunately removed. The site is now entirely a Skandar Keynes fansite, but all our important Narnia content can be found at the new NARNIA section. I hope you like this change :)

07 Aug 2007 by Michael | Comments (0)

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