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Welcome to Skandar Keynes Fan, the largest and most up-to-date fansite on the internet dedicated to talented British actor Skandar Keynes. Here you will find hundreds of pictures, loads of information on Skandar and his movies, as well as fun stuff and projects for you; Skandar fans. If you have any suggestions, questions or contributions, feel free to e-mail us.

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Some Skandar news...
We have two new pictures of Skandar filming Prince Caspian at the PHOTO GALLERY. We can see that Skandar has changed and grown a lot. Take a look at them.


We also added a new PICTURE OF THE MONTH for August. Don't forget to comment it. Some new submissions have been added to the CAPTION IT & ONE WORD pages. Please REGISTER to our new forums, as we don't have any people yet. Come and talk with other Skandar fans! Hopefully, more Skandar news and pictures will arrive soon...

02 Aug 2007 by Michael | Comments (1)

Finally up with lots of things to discover!
As I had promised you, the Skandar Keynes exclusive section is now available with more than one hundred pages to discover. First of all, take part in our exciting Skandar Keynes birthday project. Then, take a look at our forum and gallery which are brand new features.

In the MEDIA section, you will find beautiful graphics, articles, interviews, video clips, pictures and much more. In the INTERACT section, you will find games and interactive activities. Finally, in the SKANDAR section, you will find all you need to know on Skandar Keynes with biographies, interesting facts, filmography information, quotes, style, trivia and so much more!

I installed CuteNews so you can now comment all my posts. I hope you will have lots of fun on this site, as it took me so much time to create and design it for you. Have a nice summer vacation!

14 Jul 2007 by Michael | Comments (1)

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