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Do you know what Skandar is thinking or saying on this pic ? Please use the form below for your various submissions for the Caption It. The best captions will be displayed on this page.

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ANNA: Skandar: *smile for the camera* 
          William: Ha, you little devil, I finally get back at you for stealing my food yesterday !!

CHELSEA: Skandar: Yeah, we get on really well, I mean, Will's like a brother to me. =]
              William: *muffled laughter*

MEG: William: Just hold it right there Skandar, I'm almost finished measuring your head.
        Reporter: What is he doing?
        Skandar: (through teeth) I have no idea, just ignore him.

NIKKI: Skandar: (simle for the camera)
         William: grrrr the devil
         Skandar: What the hell are you doing Will?

JESSICA: Skandar: Well Yeah, it's great being one of the Pevensie.
           William: *Under Breath* Hehehe His Got Antlers!

STEPHEN: Skandar: Yeah, so I love playing Edmund, but Will sometimes says I resemble Mr. Tumnus.
                              I can't see why...
              William: *snicker*

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