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The Rules

You need to follow these rules before you join. Thank you!

1. Must be a fan of Skandar Keynes. There is no reason for you to join if you're not a fan.

2. Name, email and country is required. Please provide a valid email address.

3. Please submit a real name or an alias on the form. If I find your chosen name inappropriate, I will change it to "anonymous".

4. A website is not required to join. But if you do have a website, please place one of these codes on your site before/after you fill out the form.

5. If you enter a URL, please make sure it is your website, not just a favourite website or someone else's. If not, I will remove the URL.

6. Do not direct link. Save the codes on your own server.

7. No offensive material websites (i.e., illegal, anti, pornography, hate). I reserve the right not to link your website.

If you've read the rules and are willing to follow them, join here.

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