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Skandar photoshoot & my movie review
A new picture of Skandar from a photoshoot has been added to the gallery. If anyone can find the source or anymore pictures from the shoot, then please let us know! As you can see, at the request of several fans, a chat box was added to the main page of the site. Feel free to give us your review of Skandar's performance in the movie if you have seen it.

I actually saw the movie today. As for my review, Prince Caspian is really a wonderful motion picture, and it made me very well pleased. Skandar Keynes's acting performance was simply amazing and improved a lot. He plays his character in a fresh and endearing way, with great charisma and charm. It becomes obvious that Skandar has truly matured mentally and physically. He gives us, in my opinion, the best acting in the whole movie, as he remains humble, natural and very expressive.

Some scenes are really funny, especially when Edmund impresses us with his useful torch, or when he replies to his older brother in a humorous way. Skandar has also really improved in sword-fighting and horse-fighting, as he participates more to important battles and even has a cool duel with Trumpkin the dwarf. At the end of the movie, he wears a gorgeous costume which suits him perfectly and makes him look like a real king. Almost every scene he was in, I found myself grinning - his sticking up for Lucy, delivering the challenge to Miraz. He went from being a little devil in the first movie to being real, true hero in this one. In my mind, he is more of a hero than either Peter or Caspian.

Therefore, I was really impressed by Skandar Keynes's overall performance and I'm so proud of what he has achieved as an actor so far. You absolutely have to watch this movie and I'm pretty sure that all the Skandar fans will be as delighted as I was.

17 May 2008 by Michael | Comments (9)

Other interviews and reviews concerning Skandar
I found a lot of positive reviews and articles featuring Skandar Keynes on the web. First of all, Skandar's performance seems to be highly appreciated in Prince Caspian:

«As for Edmund, Skandar Keynes (also in Wardrobe) has clearly improved as an actor, bringing hope for future installments of the Narnia franchise. In Caspian, he shows humor, personality and presence. As for the other leads, the rest of the Pevensie clan can't match Keynes' progress, and Barnes is just a pretty face in the title role.» - complete article here

There is also an interesting article on Skandar's character in the movie here. According to it, «in addition to getting a key role in the main action sequence, Keynes gets several fun bits of comic relief that prove him to be both witty and endearing.»

Finally, take a look at this MSN interview with Skandar and Anna here. Skandar's section is towards the end of the video. There is also a new video of Edmund at Miraz's castle here. Enjoy!


16 May 2008 by Michael | Comments (5)

USA Today article with new cast picture
USA Today have posted a new interview with the four Pevensies which also features a lovely new photoshoot! Take a look at it at the photo gallery and don't forget to comment the new pictures!

“The British actors were thrust into the spotlight in 2005 after being cast as the Pevensie children in Disney’s first Narnia film, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, adapted from C.S. Lewis’ classic series.

The young actors have obviously formed a tight bond - a “surrogate family,” Popplewell says - talking over each other just as real siblings might.

They have many tales from their time together on set. During a weekend spent surfing in New Zealand, where much of the film was shot, Skandar unwittingly made filming more difficult for himself. The fair-skinned actor neglected to coat the back of his legs with sunblock and got a nasty burn.

Like a real brother, Moseley wasn’t about to let that go by without further torture. “Will would run up behind me and smack the back of my legs,” Skandar says.

“A year and a couple of months later, I still have a tan line,” he says. “Do you want me to show you?”

Read the full article here.

16 May 2008 by Michael | Comments (1)

2 Video Interviews with Skandar
The movie is coming really soon to theatres, only 2 days remaining. I am going to see it on Friday May 16th and I will give you my own review, especially for the parts featuring Skandar Keynes as Edmund.

There is a new video from the New York Premiere which was released in the UK Official Podcast to promote the next premiere. It includes a really short interview with Skandar. You can watch it here on Youtube. The screencaps are in the gallery as well.


Finally, ’Chuck the Movie Guy’ has posted a video interview featuring Skandar and Anna here. They talk about their personal life in contrast to their life in Narnia and relate to various anecdotes on the set. Skandar even reveals that he would like to become a doctor. What is your opinion about that? Anyways, enjoy & see you later!


13 May 2008 by Michael | Comments (9)

Disney Chanel Ident & Various Articles
A very cute ‘You’re Watching Disney Chanel’ bumper featuring Skandar has been uploaded on Youtube here. You can see the screencaps at the photo gallery.


Besides, Yehey has posted a brief interview with Skandar which can be read here. DNA India has also posted a short interview here. They both talk about the differences between "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" and "Prince Caspian", what Skandar misses while he’s filming, and the character of Edmund.

13 May 2008 by Michael | Comments (1)

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