Prince Caspian Set Report With Skandar Keynes -  Narnia Fans & Coming Soon

Aslan's How - As we made our way past the crew, I passed someone who I thought for sure was Skandar Keynes (Edmund). But when I saw him later, it turned out to be his double (they did a good job casting that part). "Lets roll please, rolling!" K.C. Hodenfield, 1st AD, called out. "And action!" Adamson called. All the Narnian extras - many wearing blue pants - started cheering.

William Moseley and Skandar Keynes emerged from Aslan's How. The whole thing would've looked very dramatic if "Eye of the Tiger" had not been playing in the background. I couldn't help but smile at the unlikely combination of Narnia and a hit song from the 80s. I heard that song on the radio the other day, and I just burst out laughing. I can't hear it without thinking about this scene. After seeing that, it'll be interesting to finally see this scene in theaters with Harry Gregson-Williams' music. One of the writers joked that there should be an optional audio track on the DVD that allows you to watch the movie with the on-set music. If that wasn't funny enough, during one of the takes, William took out his sword and accidentally poked Skandar's leg (hopefully it'll be on the DVD).

But anyway, in between takes, as the crew waited for the sun to return, Ernie Malik managed to get Skandar Keynes to come over to us for a few minutes. (Ernie was amazing at getting interviews even when everyone was really busy). Skandar was in full armor, which looked almost exactly like his armor from the first film, except with less chain mail and no helmet.

Q: So what's it like to come back for a second time around?

Skandar: It's been really cool. It's been really great to see everyone again and like, reuniting the family, to be very cheesy. Yeah, it's been great here in the middle of nowhere, it's beautiful. And what we're doing is really cool, we're like walking out [of Aslan's How] and everyone is [cheering]. So I'm having a good time.

Q: So in the movie, Edmund is only a year older. But you're actually a few years older?

Skandar: Yeah, I was 12 when I started the first film and I'm 15 now. I'll be 16 at the end of the shoot.

Q: I remember last time they had problems with you growing too much…

Skandar: Yeah, I grew 6 inches in 6 months. I felt growing pains last night actually. (laughter)

Q: The costume department said they have a computer program now to determine the patterns and how to make the costumes fit as you guys grow and keep them consistent.

Skandar: I had the chainmail, and I kept growing. And it's precise enough that if I grew, it would completely change underneath.

Q: Did you wear chainmail in the last movie too?

Skandar: Yeah, I'm actually wearing a lot less now.

Q: I bet you wish you were wearing it now after getting stabbed in the leg. (laughter)

Skandar: Oh yeah, [Will] totally just stabbed my leg! He draws his sword and then moves it back but as he moved it back it went "bang" on my leg. Just went right on my boot!

Q: Do you get to do more sword fighting in this movie than the first movie?

Skandar: Yeah a lot more which is good and I've got to do a bit more today. And I'm doing lots of training.

Q: How is the castle raid, do you have a big scene in it?

Skandar: I was already in it. I was on days while they were on nights, so I was kinda laughing at them (laughter). I do have a thing at the top but we are going to do that on a stage, because it would've been dangerous to do it [on the set] because it was so high up., and if anything had gone wrong, I could've like…died.

Q: So they're going to save that to the very end just in case.

Skandar: Yeah (laughter)

Q: What are your big scenes in this one?

Skandar: I have a scene when Will's in a fight…

(Here, Ernie whispers something in Skandar's ear, probably telling him not to give something away) (laughter)

Skandar (cont): Um, me and Will have a lot of little moments in this film. And then, I have big fights, which is good, that are scattered around the film.

Q: You're one of the few that gets to go on to the next movie, have you met with Mike Apted yet?

Skandar: Yeah, I had dinner with him, he was very cool. It all seems good.

Q: Did you drill him, test him to see if he knows his Narnia stuff?

Skandar: Yeah, we talked about Narnia a bit but the problem with the next film is I've got to do my GCSEs just around the middle and if they don't let me do them, my school won't let me come out here, so, I'll have to take like a month off or so.

Q: So you'll go back to school and then you'll turn around and come back for the next one?

Skandar: Well no, I think there will be some time before they go straight ahead, they are in pre-production now. So I'll go to school and then come back whenever they are ready.

Q: Can you talk about the unique style of the music playing while you are shooting a scene?

Skandar: Yeah, we like to play Rocky or just anything that has a cool beat. It feels so good walking down and they're all cheering…we are trying so hard not to crack up, but it's so hard. (laughter) During the epic battles there's a rule. When a song is played you have to wait until the end to try and get your iPod in there.

Q: Are your musical tastes that different?

Skandar: No, we are pretty much the same, he doesn't like some of mine and I don't like some of his so there's just minor differences… but mostly cool. The first couple of takes I was cracking up so it wasn't that great, but it was getting to me and it felt really cool.

Q: Was that something just for this movie, Andrew just decided to use music to get the mood out?

Skandar: Yeah, it was a couple of weeks ago, everyone was sitting around waiting on the sun and we realized we could put music on so we did and now we use it.

Q: Can you talk about working with Andrew on this one, what type of preparation did he have you do that was different from the first film, obviously you're older…

Skandar: We've done lots of rehearsals and I've done more horse riding. I've done more sword fighting and it's been a bit more intense this time.

Q: How's Prague been for you?

Skandar: Prague has been great, so yeah, everything is pretty cool in Prague.

Ernie Malik: You haven't told them what you have been doing with your downtime…

Skandar: Yeah, down in New Zealand I did a bunch of jumps. I jumped off the Nevis which is the third highest point in the world, I did this one jump that was nearly 400 meters in the air and I did the Shotover Canyon Swing which is the biggest swing in the world. I jumped off the Sky Tower, which is the highest building in the Southern Hemisphere. And I did some jumps from a jet, so those were cool.

Q: Is this driving the producers crazy?

Skandar: Yeah, every time…I have all the videos as well.

Q: Is there a lot of sitting around waiting on the set?

Skandar: Not that much. There could be more, but there could be less.

Q: Do you go to do school here too?

Skandar: Yeah, three hours a day, I've got my GCSEs so I've got exams this week.

Q: Coming back for the second time, what's it like to have a lot more adults in the cast?

Skandar: Everyone matured a lot more and we weren't as silly as before, we didn't mess around as much…

Ernie Malik: That's a matter of opinion. (laughter)

Skandar: Everything has been really cool. We're kind of approaching it completely differently, and a bit more professional than last time.

Q: So this film is a little bit darker than the first one?

Skandar: Uh yeah, there are some darker scenes. There are a lot of scenes that happen at night (laughter). No, yeah, there are some darker scenes, there are some evil people, and some evil moments.

(We hear K.C. shout "Scene coming up!")

Ernie Malik: You'd better get back to work now.

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