One Word

If you had to describe Skandar in only one word, what would it be ? Use the form below to send us your reponses. Please do not repeat any word someone has said before.


Michael: Talented

Emily: Amazing

Marie: Wonderful

Clara: Awesome

Sophie: Fantastic

Cristina: Perfect

Katie: Sweet

Ana: Funny

Taylor: Hyper

JJ: Smart

Arnaud: Extraordinary

Zoe: Handsome

Nursima: Cool

Rhiannon: Adorable

Anne: Hot

Taylor: Cutie

Yeawon: Mine

Becky: Kooky
Meg: Dream

Tiara: Breathtaking

KC: Gorgeous

Alejandra: Beautiful

Kenny: Sexy

Gabii: Fabulous

Samantha: Lovable

Alexandra: Brilliant

Rebe: Unusual

Stephen: Favorite

Ale: Curious

MC: Irresistible

Sophie & Angelina: Devilish

Cerezaa: Best

Abbygale: Converse

Margarette: Wicked

Shia: Melting

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