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Each month, at, a new amazing website is named site of the month. These websites are selected for their high quality content and graphic design.

   Featured Site of April 2008: NATHAN GAMBLE RESOURCE - Nathan Gamble fansite

Award received:

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   Past SOTM:

» February 2008 - Canon Love - View Award?

Canon Love is an absolutely fabulous and original site, and the best source for everything related to the Weasley Family in the "Harry Potter" series. It has loads of information on the characters and their relationships, amazing graphics and lots of fun stuff for the most dedicated fans. It is a real pleasure for me each time I visit this fansite, it's like entering in a magical world!

» January 2008 - Liam Online - View Award?

Liam Online is probably the best, most up-to-date Liam Aiken fansite around. Chloe keeps it fully updated and with tons of visitor content about Liam and his movies. The design and graphics are simply gorgeous and there are lots of interesting fan projects to discover. It's a dedicated fansite and I highly suggest you to check it out!

» November 2007 - Josh Hutcherson Online - View Award?

Josh Hutcherson Online is a fabulous source for the talented teenage actor Josh Hutcherson who's had many exciting roles in many movies. He is also an actor who really keeps contact with his fans, which is cool. Sarah keeps up the site with great news, beautiful layouts and tons of content.

» October 2007 - Lovely Dakota - View Award?

Lovely Dakota is an awesome fansite for the young actress Dakota Fanning. It is full of information, pictures, graphics...well everything! The website layouts are always changed and are simply beautiful and original. Definitely the best Dakota site I have seen around.

» September 2007 - CateBlanchett.Net - View Award?

It would seem that CateBlanchett.Net is the best of all Cate Blanchett fansites. When I came across this site, I was truly amazed. It is gorgeous and packed with information, thousands of pictures and activities. Cate Blanchett is a wonderful actress I really appreciate, and this fansite easily deserves an award for its impressing quality.

» August 2007 - Awkward - View Award?

This is a super cute Neville/Luna Fansite which supports the couple. Amy, the webmistress, is awesome and is always there to update with new Evanna/Luna or Matthew/Neville news. The website also features an amazing fanfiction section. Visit it because it is really awesome!

» July 2007 - Ev Online - View Award?

July 2007 was "Harry Potter Month" and Sharon did well to keep up with the constant flow of news! Plus, she's always adding more site stuff and her graphics rock! Evanna is gorgeous & the perfect Luna, it's nice to see such a great fansite out already for the new star!

» May 2007 - Just Georgie - View Award?

This site is one of the best regarding information about Georgie Henley, Skandar Keynes's co-star. The staff is always updating and you can find lots of information and wonderful media. There are also various games and interactive activities that will appeal to fans.

» April 2007 - Mysterious Four - View Award?

Mysterious Four is a remarkable source of information for the four actors that play the Pevensie children in "The Chronicles of Narnia" series. Belle, the webmistress, is fantastic and dedicated to her website. Absolutely visit this fansite if you want special information on the actors and characters as well as fun activities.

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